I love watching tv series, and I have a habit of downloading them all so I can watched them offline wherever I want. Watching tv series with subittle is almost a must for me, and it's annoying when my favourite video player, PotPlayer could not find the correct subtitle sometimes. I take this into my own hand by downloading all the subtitles season by season before starting to binge watch them all. The problem is that I have to rename the subtitle and the video name to the same title for the player to recognize and auto load that subtitle for the video.


Hence, the birth of Caspen, a very simple application that allows you to rename the subtitles and video files to the same name by batch. To use it, just make sure the videos and subtitles are in the same folder, select that folder in Caspen, and highlight the episode number for the video and the subtitle. If there is more than one subtitle for the same episode, only one subtitle will be renamed.