Smart Home System



This is my FYP project, where the goal is to create a cheap alternative of smart home solution, and I have to use GSM instead of internet for communication.


This project is a smart home system design project implemented with Infrared (IR) and Global System for Mobile (GSM) technologies as an alternative to the mainstream smart home system utilizing Internet of Things (IOT). One of the biggest downsides of the common smart home system is the high price tag. Therefore, this project aims to solve this problem by using the low cost IR technology to cut down the price. GSM is also utilized for communications between user and the system to improve the coverage and stability.

System Designs

The ugly side of this system is that it can only control devices with infrared sensors. To be able to control every infrared device in a home, the system employ master-slave architecture. One unit with more components and functions (master unit) is able to communicate with other simpler, lower cost unit (slave units). The master unit will be able to control devices outside of it's own range through these slave units. The master unit is also equipped with an infrared signal decoder, allowing it to learn and replicate infrared signals (eg. remote control signals). User can interact with the master unit through a mobile app, which sends command to the master unit through SMS.


I definitely had fun doing this project, although I'm frustrated being restricted to using GSM and Infrared. There is a lot more details you can check out by clicking the details button under the title, such as the code, arduino schema and detailed analysis of how each component works.